MA Living quality furniture in the heart of Yorkshire

Leading by example

MA Living builds on a long family heritage of quality furniture manufacture in the heart of the Yorkshire Pennines. Over the last 25 years we have grown from a small, local firm to a substantial nationwide player. Now, our team of skilled and dedicated staff design and build the highest quality beds, mattresses, headboards and furniture for prestigious retailers across the UK.

Made for you

We specialise in finest bespoke production, so while we know you'll love the beautiful collection presented within these pages, our 'range' is essentially unlimited. We are happy to tailor any product to a customer's individual requirements: shapes, materials, sizes...whatever a customer requires, the boundaries are limitless! Only one thing remains constant, and that's the outstanding quality of our products and customer service.

Let's work together

Working with us brings our retail partners happy customers and a thriving reputation. For unlimited designs, sumptuous, contemporary furniture and uncompromising customer care, call us today at MA Living, where every product is designed and crafted with care and skill - made for your customers, and made for you.