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What makes a bed M.A.


Laying the foundations

When you choose MA Living, you aren’t simply paying for a piece of furniture, but the level of expertise which goes into your chosen bed or chair.

As such, our process is thorough and exclusive to our brand – and you can be sure that each and every member of our team is a specialist in their field. Providing excellent training programmes to ensure MA Living staff are nothing short of exceptional at what they do, MA Living’s products are thoroughly examined in each department.

The crafting stage begins with our CNC machine – and we use this to ensure the materials we choose complement the style of the piece.

Carefully Crafted

Once your order is received, it’s sent to our production team leader, who is in charge of organising the team responsible for manufacturing your handcrafted piece. Sending the order to the framing department, our production team leader then ensures it reaches our foaming department, before making its way to our fabric team. You can be sure your piece will be thoroughly quality-checked at each and every stage of the process, too.

Next, our team will glue the foam onto the frame by hand. Now, your piece will really be taking shape, as it enters our upholstery department. Your chosen fabric will be carefully upholstered to your frame and any detailing will be added, too – from buttoning to studding and every gorgeous detail in between.

Your furniture will receive a final, thorough quality check by our team, who’ll assemble the full product before our quality control manager gives it another close inspection. Ottoman beds, in particular, go through a rigerous testing process, which sees us inspect the mechanism and ensure the bed can be easily lifted and lowered by our customers.

Only once we’re 100% sure your piece is faultless, will it then be packed and loaded for delivery.

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